daily painting | peet’s

This color is a bit uneven (quick photo) but wanted badly to post SOMEthing tonight, since I was rudely booted off the blogosphere for a week. But now the bad plug-in that crashed my site is fixed, malware has been eradicated from the laptop, and I’ve migrated to a new, more stable and helpful ISP. Website is, thankfully, more solid, protected, faster, happier. It’s as if the thick, terrible smoke from the horrendous fires in Paradise CA, north of here, choking us in the SF bay area for over a week, seeped into everything — brain cells, hard drives, eyeballs, hairdos. We are desperately rattled and sad as the state burns; the loss of life is too shocking to absorb. I cried hard when I saw the image of the Empire State building, lit up in blue and gold in solidarity with CA. Thank you, NYC. Class act. BTW I’ve been wondering, where is there a group that finds unused RVs and delivers them to people who have nothing left but each other? Please donate where you can, dear art lovers, to help. Thank you from the deepest bits of my smoky heart. And wear the masks, dammit. The air is thick enough to chew on. More watercolors and daily paintings to come soon.

 artgraf graphite, pen on paper