daily painting | peerless hangout

Eagle-eye Liz spotted a great place to have a session of Quarantine Art Club — the neighborhood outside the doors of Peerless Coffee near Jack London Square. There were tables (we brought our own chairs) and a take-out window for a nice latte. So we set up at a social distance, dutifully wearing our masks (except when we sipped our drinks) and looked out at the surroundings — a fabulous old shed across the street painted with about 5 shades of orange and red, fronted with a pink graffiti-covered fence and backed by high-rise condos (see Liz’s interpretation on Instagram: Zizzlah and I wish she’d stop copying me). I wanted to travel light so instead of paints I brought out my Posca and Montana brands of acrylic pens to see what kinds of messes I could make. What a hoot! Never done an entire drawing with the pens; at one point Liz commented, “You must be having fun for you are awfully quiet.” Yassss!

I so love Oakland. This corner is popular with Oakland cops and Liz noticed that the bike rack on the back of their patrol car had handcuffs attached. Intrigued, I asked one of the policemen what was up with that? “Best way to lock up a bike,” he said.

6″ x 8″ acrylic pen on paper = $60