daily painting | passione

Snapped a pic of this intense, magenta-red passion flower in a bush flowing over a Berkeley neighborhood fence on a recent walk; it towered over me and I leaned back to photograph some of the blooms. Such vibrancy! Colors of flowers, especially pinks and reds, are about impossible to reproduce as the vivid hues just can’t be found in a tube of paint. So I did my best with my Daniel Smith watercolors and added some lines with acrylic pens. Berkeley gardens are the best — lively, interesting, unusual. Plants I’ve never seen before growing in sunny gardens; no cookie-cutter landscaping in those front yards. How it relieves me to splash watercolors around especially in these dark and frightening times. Gorgeous flowers, sparrows at the birdfeeder, Osprey flying overhead — these things help me keep me afloat. [As I write this I’m listening to Chuck Rosenberg’s podcast, “The Oath,” and he is interviewing Leon Panetta who is describing his Italian dad’s immigration to the US so it seems appropriate to use the Italian word for passion in the blog title; forgive my wordy descriptions!]

10″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $130