daily painting | outer limits

If you are as old as I am you might remember the sci-fi TV show, Outer Limits, which was an intelligently done series in the 1960s that I was hooked on as a kid. These shapes reminded me of space exploration (and I’ve been fascinated by news reports about Chinese visits to the dark side of the moon and “Ultima Thule,” the most distant object ever photographed by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft). So I suppose those were influences and this painting also looks a bit Star Trekish. You can see in this image the grainy texture of the aquabord surface which holds the paint beautifully. I had experimented with it for watercolors but wasn’t thrilled with it (I love paper), and this 8 x 8 board surfaced as I rounded up and organized small paintings in my house. Thought I’d play with a watercolor abstract and I enjoyed it so much I ignored common sense and worked into it this morning again (started it yesterday) with paints and pen while barefoot on my tile floor while it was 40-something degrees outside and I live on a houseboat where the floors are always chilly. I came to my senses at some point and got into a hot shower. I hope your visits to outer space are as fun as mine.

8″ x 8″ watercolor, pen, pencil, collage on Ampersand aquabord = $75