daily painting | onions

So my good friend Linda is my onion supplier. She’s not exactly my dealer, but she buys onions at Costco and generously shares them with friends. I almost never buy my own onions. I love this vegetable’s golden colors that range from a warm yellow to a reddish-ochre burnish. And they have such wonderful, unruly hairdos! Since I was experiencing a fresh abundance of these large, hefty bulbs, I arranged a still life which I painted between making Super Bowl appetizers (onions, scallions and shallots were sacrificed). It was quite fun to paint in my kitchen then, while the paint dried, make the veggie dips and potato skins on the other half of the counter. I made too much food for too few visitors but thankfully my son Jeremy stopped by and helped consume the overflow of hors d’oeuvres.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90