daily painting | new year

Was great to be back in my studio after a fun Christmas with family in San Diego. This work feels like an illustration of transition — saying goodbye to a busy, colorful decade, including all the dark bits, and entering into the unknown (I outlined the edges of this to show that there is a chunk of white paper on the right edge). Blank canvas (paper, actually), so to speak. If I am around at the beginning of the next decade, what will the colors be, in retrospect? Life is such a crazy mix of joy and loss and grief and color and beginnings and disappointments and discoveries and love. Today, anticipating a new year, I am repeating a helpful phrase, “I relinquish all resistance to the present moment.” I also like, “I yield unconditionally to the flow of life.” Because I have so many unanswered questions in my life, these words comfort me. It’s a pipe dream that some day I’ll have everything figured out. So I’ll keep muddling along, wanting to keep my heart open, hoping I am paying attention, dodging bitterness, learning and growing.

30″ x 22″ watercolor, acrylic, ink, pencil on paper = $795