daily painting | nancy’s pom

I’ve just enjoyed a few days of fun, rest, respite and arty stuff in San Diego. I looked after relative and friend Nancy’s cats (sort of; they stayed upstairs mostly, hiding) and Nancy was kind enough to let me stay in her lovely home while she traveled so I could spend time with grandsons Mason and Heath. Warm but not hot during the day, I had an entire day roaming around the garden and painting while boys were in school (followed by doing laps in that glorious pool!). It was delightful and delicious. She has two pomegranate trees groaning with bounty (one needs stilts to support a heavily laden bough) and how I love this fruit’s shape and color!

I’m sort of rethinking the whole creating-art thing, wondering what new adventures await while working diligently to keep the howling dogs of self-doubt at bay. I am not quite as focused on these daily blogs, though I do sketch and paint most every day. I am falling quite head-over-heels in love with teaching, however, so if you are interested keep an eye on the Frank Bette Center for the Arts class schedule in Alameda. I’m also planning an art retreat next Sept in the north woods of Wisconsin in a gorgeous spot on the water (see “Classes & Retreats” page in menu headings or click here).

Nancy’s beautiful home displays more of my paintings and prints than anyone on the planet, so it was interesting to be surrounded by my art (again, the dogs tried to chew my confidence to bits; truly this is a daily struggle). And one of the best parts, along with warm conversations with Nancy upon her return, was sitting outside at dusk to see the bats come out. I LOVE bats. Well, the best part of course was time with the boys. Why I went to SD. One afternoon Mason and Heath came over and we swam and painted and drew in the back yard. Nirvana for a happy Mimi (grandma).

6″ x 6″ watercolor, pen on paper