daily painting | nancy’s lily

Going home. Been in San Diego one day short of a month, and my daughter’s emergency is working its way out of crisis-mode (my family is damn sturdy!). As I scrounge around trying to find all my scattered belongings here in the little casita that has been my home for almost two weeks, I saved putting away my paints until last minute so I could work on this one until I zip that damn bag up. I about tripped over this lily (I think?) as I made my way through the side yard to take my trash out. The richest purples and magentas with a bright yellow triangle right in the middle! Had to make this my last painting before leaving. I am sad to leave my daughter and grandsons and niece and friends, but it will be good to get home to Alameda and settle back into my Northern California life. I have many mixed feelings, but it’s time to head back. Very grateful to have close times with these precious loved ones.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $90