daily painting | moon landing

At times I need to just get out of the damn house; I mean, vacuuming is fine and satisfying, in a limited way, but… really? Boring. So I roam around Alameda, sometimes on my bike, sometimes in my car. Yesterday I ended up at Ballena Bay, which is beautiful and wind-whipped and has stunning views of the SF skyline, a backdrop of navy ships moored nearby, and wintering ducks in the water (there were also people walking their dogs and not cleaning up their pooch’s poop; is it acceptable to grab a plastic bag and pick up the shite and fling it at the dog walkers? No?).

I was quite smitten with this large metal float planted along the shore, which I’m guessing was used to indicate something-or-other in SF bay eons ago (WWII vintage? Marking shipping channels?). It is now retired and perched in the ice plant at the water’s edge, and its rusty patterns and textures were gorgeous — full of pockmarks and craters and pitted with decay. Exactly the kind of deteriorating subject matter I am drawn to. It begged me to capture its likeness, and as the painting developed today it looked like a kind of man-in-the-moon portrait. Which is cracking me up. OK, getting edgy again. It’s that time of day. Time to venture out. Maybe a new container ship will be moored in the estuary with pairs of oystercatchers poking about in the rocks at the water’s edge. I think I’ll go see.

10″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $130