daily painting | mill valley daisies

Uncle Fuzzy is ailing. Fuzzy (named decades ago because of his beard) is a beloved part of our banding team (see GGRO.org) and is a legend in GGRO both for his 35+ years in the program (started in the 1980s) as well as for his irascible, querulous personality which sometimes camouflages his big heart. We Thursday banders love him like crazy, and Claire, his devoted caregiver and also a bander, works wonders with him (Seriously. Truly amazing.). We are all helping him fight the good fight against cancer, and he’s just crusty enough to win it. No shrinking violet, this one; he’s quite a tough old bird, to spin a few metaphors in the blender. Speaking of flowers, I snapped a pic of a yard around the corner from Fuzzy’s house in Mill Valley with an intention to paint the scene. It was a riot of freewheeling daisies; beautiful and fresh and healthy and comforting. Onward we go, embracing life. And death too.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90