daily painting | metal piece update

This is the metal piece I am working on, the melted engine block from the Greyhound Friends for Life van destroyed in the Sonoma County fires last Oct. At first I tried to make it flow from one color to the next, making it fire-like. It was OK, but yesterday I needed to make it more my own creation and turn off my brain—I was trying to make it into a sophisticated piece that would do well when auctioned. Finally I let go of the final product and let myself create freely, Emily-style. It’s working better than way. Excited to see how it turns out (I might love it; I might hate it). Hope it generates funds for GFFL. It is becoming more bird-like—maybe a Phoenix. Kind of a cliche but perhaps it fits. Alas, I just never get far from the bird thing. I’m cool with that.