daily painting | melted engine block

It’s finished, this 9-foot long melted engine block from the Santa Rosa fires in 2017. A commissioned piece from Barbara, the head of Greyhound Friends for Life (GFFL). I will go and find the right topcoat for protection and figure out how to photograph it attractively. When I first started it, after quite a bit of prep work (thanks to advice from San Leandro Color as well as the wonderful folks at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley), I had at first envisioned it as a flow of red and orange and russet colors blending into each other. Looking earthy and a bit blackened and really sophisticated. That all went away the more I worked on it, as it turned into its own creation, closer to Dr Seuss characters than Rothko—a colorful, whimsical creature that rose from the ashes. It has a lot of personality and I’m kind of in love with it; the above pic shows about 1/3 of the piece. Hope it finds a good home and raises funds for GGFL.