daily painting | marivel

Marivel was the model for last night’s figure drawing group in Oakland. I did a number of watercolor sketches, and, as per usual, the quicker and messier the paintings, the more I liked the results. When I get fussy and careful and add details the whole thing goes to hell. This version more or less captured her stance and lovely face and flowing dark hair. Always great fun to join such a stellar group of artists when I get to fill in for one of the regular painters. Though last night I felt deeply sad, it was soothing to get out the paints and be with those guys; each person respects the other and the level of comfort between group members is wonderful to soak up, especially when the wise cracks start flying. Sometimes I don’t feel so friendly, and last night was one when I felt deep underwater with self-doubt. So I follow Hillary Clinton’s advice for women: “Get up every day and keep going.”

7.5″ x 7.5″ watercolor, watercolor pencil, pen on paper¬†¬†