daily painting | marie

I was happy again to pop into the Tue night figure drawing group in Oakland, a closed group but I get to sit in if a regular artist can’t make it. I go there to do as many quick sketches as I can squeeze into the evening, wanting more to capture a feeling and keep things loose than create a careful representation of the model. I may post another painting of Marie tomorrow after I review my sketchbooks. It’s such a privilege to hang out with those folks — wise-cracking, friendly artists. I don’t pretend to have half the talent of the artists there, some of whom make a living painting portraits of congressmen and prominent judges. I have joined the group for over a decade now, and it’s great fun to see old friends, laughingly argue about what music to play, take bets on who’s right about obscure facts about model trains, enjoy Peter’s homemade chocolates. Those guys crack me up. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Artgraf water soluble graphite, pen on paper , 10″ x 8″