daily painting | model marathon

Yesterday I went on a lovely adventure to Ft Mason in San Francisco for the figure drawing marathon, an all-day event with different rooms set up with various models. I chose the “long-pose” room (as opposed to 5-10 min gesture poses, that room was packed!) and settled in and did a few paintings. This was my fave, once I stopped trying so hard and could tune out what my neighbors were working on. It was a real pleasure meeting other artists and immersing myself in the electric, creative atmosphere. Truly lovely people and very efficiently organized. Was a blast as well to see the wild squalls out the window as they skidded past the Golden Gate bridge—what a glorious spot! Was good for me to get out there amongst other artists, especially since I so love my Sun morning tea and newspaper (which I read later, while watching the snooze-inducing Super Bowl). Also picked up some veggies from the farmer’s market, and somehow the farmers’ booths didn’t blow into the bay. A hardy bunch, those growers and honey sellers and bakers.

10″ x 7″ artgraf graphite, pen on paper