daily painting | lucy’s snapdragons

watercolor of snapdragons by emily weil

Such a quiet, peaceful, soothing Sunday. Soaking it up. No errands, no driving anywhere, just resting, feeding my news-junkie cravings, listening to Roberta Flack while I paint. 

I took a snapshot of Lucy’s snapdragons which were today’s watercolor subjects. I only cried twice while listening to Flack’s lovely ballads.

Then I called the bro to check in and now I’m feeling raw sadness as he was quite confused. His befuddlement is accelerating which is so hard to observe, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, so how cool is that?

Wish I could brush off his brain-cancer symptoms as easily.  

An announcement: From mid-Aug to mid-Sept I’m in an art show at Falkirk Center in San Rafael. If you are in the mood (and in the area) there’s a reception this Thur there at 5pm. 

I have to tell you that background story as it makes me giggle a little. Some of you know about a service provided by Café. You sign up to get their emails which list many art shows and exhibitions with links on how to apply. I often submit work to local art shows, and I was happy to get the notice that I was accepted into the Falkirk show. A wonderful honor. So the process is, you send a few digital images of paintings you hope they consider. The show’s curator selected an abstract on paper. That I couldn’t find anywhere! I have so many pieces, they fill flat-file drawers and pile up in corners. I looked everywhere. Incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.

So I wrote them and apologized profusely. They selected another painting after looking at my website.

Nope, it’s gone as well (I think I cut it up, which I do sometimes when I’m not crazy about a painting, to make cards).

Flustered and abashed! Twice!

Another email to the curator, more apologies and promises-to-self to catalog my inventory. I’d written off the whole project as a lesson learned. Then the lovely woman emailed back. She really likes my work, she said, and could I submit a couple more digital images (obviously of works I could get my hands on). Success! She loved the painting I sent (she also said that my name was already printed on the program, which was a motivation for them to select another painting but I am choosing to believe her when she says she appreciates my art).

That’s today’s blah blah. Hope your weekend was cool as a creek.

10″ x 7″ ink, watercolor, pastel on paper