daily painting | limey still life

Thanks to the bounty of the Berkeley Bowl produce dept I have quite a selection of fruits to assemble for a quickie still life. I hadn’t planned on doing this today but some of my fruit bowl items were so colorful and interesting I needed to pull them out and arrange them on my table. At first I did a painting of one of those funny, pompadour-sporting sumo tangerines with its bumpy topknot but I wasn’t satisfied with the results (the tangerine looked more like an orange with a cerebral tumor). Then I thought I’d compose a quick work with limes and this roma tomato which was fun (I ate the beets. They are gone.). Even though I’m at home for this Staycation, my body is more relaxed, I feel more at ease, and I can sense all my parts — my psyche in particular — mending. It’s hugely comforting knowing I can take care of myself this way and bringing out my paints also is a healing exercise. I’m putting a dent in my stack of New Yorkers, making myself lovely dinners, visiting friends (safely), sleeping late, watching movies (last night’s fare: “African Queen”). Escapism and rest and outdoor fun are my priorities and every day I feel better. I’m filled with gratitude that I am near so many beautiful scenes, from beaches to redwood groves to wildlife on the estuary just out my window. I am absorbing it all and becoming whole.

7″ x 7″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $65