daily painting | lily

I have been experimenting with a new pen, thanks to a good friend who actually trusts me with her art implements (against all good judgment) and has loaned me her fountain pen with permanent ink. It’s so interesting to draw lines that, depending on the pressure of nib, go from thick to thin to thick. I do the drawing first, then add color. Sometimes I go back in with more line work and more color, and often overdo it and the painting/drawing ceases to be fresh and lively and basically dies. Then it’s time to start over with a fresh piece of paper — overworking a piece is a daily hazard for artists. I will be teaching a class using this technique next month at Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda, so if you are interested, the workshop (3 hours on a Saturday) will be fun. Keep an eye on the Frank Bette web page for information.

watercolor, pen on paper