daily painting | leigh

Leigh was the model for the drawing group this week, and the artists decided her costume, a long backless gown, was a great choice for the pose. She had a lovely, muscular back, and I did a series of paintings using different media, including this wonderful stuff which is water-soluble graphite. It dries with such interesting textures. I did a few watercolors as well, and got frustrated that I brought sketchbooks with paper I didn’t like for drawing and painting. Must re-evaluate my sketchbook choices as the paper surfaces make a big difference. Anyways, I was getting a bit headachy from the oil paints and turpentines other artists use, and I was feeling particularly sad and cranky that night and painting didn’t help as it often does. So I came home to my little floating nest to sit with my feelings. And hide from the world.

7.5″ x 7.5″ pen, pencil, artgraf water soluble graphite on paper¬†¬†