daily painting | john’s boots

I am grateful to say I’ve been the guest of my good friend Nancy, mom-in-law of daughter’s first husband. Nancy and I have remained friends and I am still very fond of her son; he is a good dad to my grandsons. Staying here in her home this week, as I assist my daughter and her boys’ transition through a difficult time, I went into the garage to look for a bit of plastic sheeting or something to cover the little table Nancy set up for me to keep it from getting paint spattered and found these boots. Knowing Nancy’s husband was a Marine, I asked her about this treasure and she said Yes, they were John’s boots and likely he wore them as a soldier when he was in Viet Nam. John passed away four years ago now and I still miss him, and these bent, well-worn old combat boots are so loaded with history and personality that I couldn’t wait to paint them. I hope this small painting honors John’s memory. [Oops! I wrote 2002 instead of 2020; I will fix that. I guess I’m still a bit muddled.]

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90