daily painting | jane

Sketch from my tour of The Yaquina. Sister-in-law Jane is 2nd in command on this ship, which is a large dredging vessel put in for maintenance in Alameda (she’s carrying my Peet’s coffee as I was pretty sure I’d fumble and spill it; Jane is more sure-footed than I ever will be). It was a fascinating afternoon, and we had great and fun conversations. It had been awhile since we’d visited, and it was a hoot and I’m glad we connected; her ship was just up the estuary from my marina. We laughed, caught up on family gossip, made dark jokes about how much mental illness gallops through our families, and in the future I may get more time on board and will bring my paints. SO COOL. The experience was heartening, for divorce (her brother and I divorced eons ago) breaks up families and severs connections yet here were are, in touch, still a family. Since I’ve known Jane since she was 8 years old, it was a happy moment, and a big slap upside the head to old clanging beliefs in my head that I’m alone in the world. Fake news, that is.

8″ x 6″ watercolor, pen on paper¬†¬†