daily painting | house arrest

Well, here we are in a full-blown crisis. No two ways about it. In honoring the need to shelter in place to hopefully diminish spreading covid-19, what do we do? Adapt, help others when we can, educate ourselves, be careful, disinfect, replace our fears with hope as best we can, watch videocams of eagle nests. We will get through this. And, this time can be a gift, allowing us to do things we often don’t have time for in our busy lives. More painting! Duh. Since a lush calla lily bush is near a certain nearby office, which is now closed, I appropriated a few blooms for the sake of art. I LOVE these flowers! My faves. So simple, elegant, hearty, sensual, exuberant, open. Likely I’ll do a few more renditions of this arrangement. Today I will even make an attempt at videotaping doing a small painting. We’ll see how it goes (I’m strapping my iphone to a lamp with a flexible arm). My lovely art-loving friends and fellow artists, let’s just do this one day at a time. And shore each other up by phone or text or however we can and keep social distancing in place. Thank you so much for checking out my posts. I appreciate it very much.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen, pastel pencil on paper = $90