daily painting | horizon

Worked on abstracts on the weekend; my ISP has been doing maintenance so wasn’t able to post until today. It has been satisfying to work on these 12″ square boards in my studio; I was working on one large painting and 2 small ones simultaneously. I’m in a bubble of artistic self-doubt (is it possible to turn that into protective bubble wrap?) as I try to answer life questions about where to be, how to resolve financial challenges, wondering if my art sucks and whether I’m delusional or horridly arrogant. I don’t know the answers, so I’ll just keep getting my paints out as that’s the only thing I know for certain I need to do. My faith tells me the solutions will arrive at some point, right when I need them. Life is never static, ever. I will follow the advice in The Power of Now and resist nothing.

12″ x 12″ acrylic on claybord = $185