daily painting | heat

OK the digital readout over by Home Depot in Oakland said the temp today was 104 degrees. I cropped a painting just to show red, as this blistering heat wave is quite something and if I’m slightly incoherent it’s from heat stroke! I wanted to post something today, though I will need to wait until a cooler day when the dizziness passes and I can actually tell what I’m doing before I upload any new works; I’m sure the blazing temps on the 3rd floor where I was showing my work for E Bay Open Studios last weekend are contributing to my current old lady sensitivities (I’m guzzling Gatorade, thanks to kind neighbor Beth). Stay cool and safe out there folks and hopefully the marine layer will once again bring relief to the bay. Soon. I also wanted to say how lovely it was to be part of the EBOS show at Gray Loft gallery (one more weekend, hope you can come!). Such a treat, and so much fun. Oakland is the best.