daily painting | gull dreaming

I enjoy hanging out along the estuary in Alameda near the Fruitvale bridge hoping to spot the resident peregrine falcons who nest there. A gull family also enjoys that spot, as it affords easy access to the trash bin. I am quite certain these gulls dream of colorful scenes of human junk food falling out the sky (perhaps enhanced by bits of Cheetohs in the garbage can or maybe crumbs of pot brownies left by humans). I started this as a watercolor, but it needed jazzing up. It’s fun to watch the gulls pad around on their flipper feet. Sadly, one of the offspring has fishing line tangled between its two legs but it can walk and fly. Because it is fully mobile, wildcare experts advise that catching a gull is nearly impossible, so I am thwarted in my desire to cut the line off its legs.

11″ x 14″ watercolor, pen, pastel, pencil on paper = $195