daily painting | green skirt

This one went almost neon. A small reworked piece on claybord as I was in the middle of 3 different paintings (update on the melted metal piece tomorrow; it is finished!). I worked on this over the weekend when honestly I was immersing myself in the creative process as a way to soothe myself after the art reception at the Frank Bette satellite gallery (see the “about” button on my site for info). Probably a collision of various tender spots—feeling raw as I often do, showing my work, worrying about serious health problems in my family, getting old. I’m not even that interested in knowing the particulars of these emotional squalls any more—not necessary, and I hold myself tenderly and with care as I let the storms move through my inner landscape. I’m encouraged by those who care for me that being deeply sensitive makes me a good artist. I think a thorough frontal lobotomy would be nice.

8″ x 8″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $75