daily painting | green house

On a recent stroll through Berkeley, I walked past this charming house painted in bright greens, oranges and yellows next to a striking red fence along the sidewalk. I snapped a few pics to paint from at home. I was quite smitten with this building, so creatively adorned with its vibrant colors and several ceramic tiles. I walked past it as I left my elderly Prius at Nate’s Green Garage nearby and was headed to friends Nancy and Steve’s house where I could enjoy their back yard (at a safe social distance) while Nate fixed up my old girl. Such a pleasant afternoon sitting under their redwood tree, doing some work on my laptop, and watching a crow family enjoy peanuts Nancy put on the deck for them (“Chupper” liked to soak his in drinking water first). A great comfort to be around birds and humans.

10″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $225 (framed)