daily painting | grassy daisies

Near my friend’s house in Mill Valley is a wonderful yard with a perfect combo of tall grasses and friendly daisies. Yesterday’s record-breaking heat put me in a stupor; in Alameda today it’s only 91° (woot!). Guzzling gatorade and iced tea (not together!) and wearing my cooling bandana around my neck and stuffing bags of frozen peas in my bra, I took out my paints to see if I had the energy/stamina to paint (yesterday I kept my tub full of cool water for occasional dunking). I did four small paintings, enjoying the process even with crap results. But I thought hell I’ll do one more, and did this one from a photo. I made myself stop noodling around with this piece, as I wanted it to stay loose (and these daisies are not wilting, unlike me). Time to take another cooling bath (which is weird though refreshing, as any time my body is immersed in cold water I’m usually swimming in a lake or river and can get used to the chill). I guess creating art during the apocalypse is a sign of hope, but at times I wish the meteor would just hurry up and get all of this over with. The end days are taking too long.

7.5″ x 7.5″ watercolor, pen on paper = $75