daily painting | ghosties

So here’s a just-completed abstract, recycling an older work on paper. I was working on this over Halloween, and the hauntings of creatures was an influence — especially since I seem to be steeped, lately, in family memories as several of my siblings are ill. These random scenes keep flooding back, arbitrarily — playtime with my little sister in the “rumpus room”, my brother’s leaving for college, falling madly in love with the Beatles while I experimented with big-girl makeup. Not consciously dredging up these pics in my mind; they have a need, apparently, to present themselves. Our brains are weird. My heart aches, though, with health worries about loved ones and it’s best not to resist my emotional bouncy house.

I also am entering a new phase of my direction as an artist. I’ve decided to back away from the challenges of marketing and Open Studios and spend my energy working on large abstracts in my studio. I will still post here, and will still do small watercolors as I love to do them and my practice doing daily paintings of all sizes will continue. The challenges of showing my work will probably always be with me, as I feel so raw and vulnerable when people view my paintings. A lot of me is splashed and exposed on those canvases and works on paper.

22″ x 30″ watercolor, pastel, acrylic, ink on paper = $795