daily painting | farm flowers

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there’s a charming urban farm next door to me in Alameda complete with piggies and chickens, and they have put containers out on the sidewalk that overflow with flowers and tomatoes and lush things growing. I took a pic of these lovely pink blooms, and used the photo to paint from as I created demos for my watercolor/mixed media class this Saturday (see Frank Bette Center classes, mixed media to sign up!). There’s always the risk of making a painting too pretty, which I know doesn’t really make sense, and this one is a bit borderline and too Hallmark cardy; I cropped it down from its original size as this version works better, compositionally. Flowers beguile and charm me and refresh my mind and heart. Admiring them eases my grief these days. So much to feel sad about; watch this space as I start on a small book project which will be called, “Surviving 2020.” Or perhaps, “How I Survived 2020 with Minimal Self-destruction.” Maybe it will be a class on creating a small book. Stay tuned.

7″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $70