daily painting | easter tulips

This Alameda front yard was bursting with Easter color, and the tulips in particular were so sensual and copious they almost made me blush. Rose-colored and violet and plush pink against the white picket fence — full of life and hope. Hope helps me work through these days of house arrest; maybe we are halfway through, who knows (today is day 31)? The Transamerica Pyramid has its beacon on at the top as a way of saying thank you to medical workers on the front lines and a “hang in there everyone!” for those of us who feel isolated and cooped up. At high tide I can go out on my deck and see that particular slice of the San Francisco skyline, and that pulsing light does indeed make my heart feel better. Any shred to hang onto that makes me feel encouraged, lighter, happier. Funny! Such a simple thing, yet it helps. In a fit of thankfulness I wrote an email to Ms Chan, a manager there to express my appreciation. She wrote back right away to thank me. A brief, warm connection that brightened my day.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, pastel pencil on paper = $90