daily painting | dry dock

I was thrilled to get a tour of The Yaquina, currently moored at Bay Ship shipyard for repairs and maintenance. She is an Army Corps of Engineers “hopper dredge” that keeps west coast ports and river bars clear. She’s a big girl — the bridge of this ship has about the same square footage as my entire house. I snapped photos of other vessels being repaired, as my generous and kind host walked me back to my car (wearing the required hard hats), and was itchy to get my paints out to capture these fascinating scenes of propellers and rudders and hulls of big ships suspended in the salty air. Bay Ship accommodates huge vessels, and at high tide I can see some of the ships in repair against the backdrop of the SF skyline from the deck of my houseboat (especially right at this very moment which is the peak of a king tide and yes I am grateful and fortunate). Terribly exciting! I am promised another opportunity to return, and I’ll describe my shipyard painting adventures here as I experience them. How cool is all this? I love how life surprises me with these gems.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90