daily painting | doorway

I found another decaying corner on Alameda Pt, the former navy base near me. WWII vintage buildings, warehouses, and gray, battle-worn ships. Deliciously dilapidated doorways (yes, I am feeling smug, with my alliteration!). I sat in the chilly December sun with my TV tray of paints, camping chair, brushes, watercolor pad. It’s like going into another world of funk and rust. Love it. These large structures are having extended lives as Pottery Barn discount warehouses, Pinball museum playrooms, sculpture studios and solar labs. OK changing channels now from blog posts to a New Year’s Eve cocktail, yummy dinner and meeting friends to watch NYE SF fireworks from a nearby Alameda pier. I felt pretty isolated yesterday and sad but today I feel happy and hopeful for this coming year. Maybe it was that gorgeous, bobbing light sneaking through a small curtain rod opening first thing this morning that was bouncing around my wall in a perfect spherical shape. It danced and was beautiful (windy morning, houseboat tilting) and lasted no more than 10 minutes but was like being in a Disney movie (bibbity bobbity boo?). Unexpected magic. Happy New Year to you!

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90