daily painting | diptych

Stormy days — outside the door and across the country and in my gut. I needed to “paint it out” (you know, like, “hug it out, bitch”) and allow myself to have unrestricted expression with watercolor, pastel, ink and pencil. My god, so many high emotions — a convergence of the anniversary of my mother’s death, showing my work in art shows over the weekend which makes me feel raw, and serious health concerns in my family — yikes. Emotional landmines. Painting redeems, heals and roto-rooters me out. This is my first diptych and I like how the two paintings came together. In the midst of intense emotion there is a kind of mystical union and joining. I surrender to it.

22″ x 30″ watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pastel on paper (2 separate paintings, each is 15 x 22) = $795