daily painting | dem bones

Totally spaced out on posting yesterday, was caught up in watching the wild and wet weather and making soup. Here’s another quick sketch from my adventure in San Francisco at Mission Science Workshop. I used water soluble graphite for this skull, but, well, dads with little kids kept picking it up and moving it around (which is the whole point of the science workshop; I was the interloping artist) so I poked around looking for other things to paint. I was heading over to the full horse skeleton (so cool!) but then all kinds of wonderful, curious little kids were jumping into noisy experiments so I headed outside for a bit of quiet from the clanging and banging (substituted by soccer game action and J Church line trolleys). I wondered, though, about this skull. Male? Female? Adult? Child (it seemed small)? It was held together with metal bands. Who was this person? Were any remnants left of this human spirit, hanging around watching me draw her? Death fascinates me. What happens when we kick the bucket? Our final adventure. Very curious.

7″ x 10″ Artgraf water soluble graphite on paper