daily painting | dark corners

Not sure how to describe this one. It’s been a week of raw emotion, retirement-planning confusion, wanting to know what’s around the corner, wishing I could see into my future (how much future do I have left?), wondering if I’ve missed important signposts along the way. Is there such a thing as a post-mid-life crisis? Am I lost? Or is it just the middle of the night in dense fog and the headlights only illuminate 10 feet in front of me? I want a good high-def crystal ball, dammit. Experiencing life and all its glories (eagles in the east bay hills!) and pains (cancer? F–k cancer; why shouldn’t my sister live forever?). So here I am, bumping around in the dark, wondering how all the puzzle pieces fit (and yes I’m trying to come up with as many metaphors as possible to stuff into one post). I have no answers, and it would seem my spiritual path is accepting not knowing. And having faith in life, in myself, in love, in the divine. Splashing around in wet paint lubricates the sharp edges and for that I am grateful every day. Thanks for reading this, art fans. And for your kindness.

12″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $185