daily painting | damn geraniums

Geraniums are my nemesis. I’ve done many geranium watercolors that ended up lining the recycle trash bin. But I love them so! They have a nutty, musty smell, their leaves are fuzzy-soft and a wonderful shade of yellow-green, and the petals are so vibrantly pink and red and purple. These grow alongside the shoreline trail near my marina (I plucked a few when no one was looking). So I did 3 or 4 versions of this small arrangement I’d placed on my kitchen counter, and finally said, Screw it, I’ll just add acrylic ink and pastels and call it a day. I’m late for my Happy Hour cocktail anyways. I think it’s safe to blame this angry jaw-clenching aggravation on house arrest, just extended to end of May (today is day 43, so perhaps we are better than halfway? Pleeeez?). You want a happy spin on all this? &#%!@?!–off.

7.5″ x 7.5″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper = $75