daily painting | dad…

After teaching a watercolor class last month at Frank Bette Center I unwound by going up to the estuary near the Fruitvale Bridge in Alameda to sketch and relax and hopefully spot the peregrines who live on the bridge. A family came along, including a quite precocious little 4 year old (maybe younger) peppering her dad with questions. She climbed up on the railing and I only wrote down a couple of things she said — she was mesmerized by the water and so curious and cute (her little toddler brother loudly objected to his older sister climbing on the railing, though, as it scared him). She was bubbling over with questions and her dad, obviously used to her inquiries, patiently addressed each one. It was a charming family scene and I was so happy there was a little girl in this world who was embraced by her parents and who honored her inquisitive mind. A happy and refreshing scene; I wanted to follow them just to be around the little girl’s wonderment. Oh how I aspire to approach each day with such open-hearted curiosity!

I’ve been under the weather with an infection this week so I apologize for not posting. Am on the mend. Looking forward to teaching the acrylic abstracts workshop tomorrow at Frank Bette.

small ink drawing on paper