daily painting | cyclamen

I’m not the greatest gardener. But this tiny little cyclamen plant seemed manageable and was so cute on my kitchen windowsill. This kind of plant has such interestingly shaped blooms that seem to sit on their own little square-ish platforms. I have been painting lately, but without postable results, plus I am seriously standing back and reconsidering my art career and where to go from here, so I have been less diligent about daily blogging. It’s one of those life moments of reassessment and seeing if I need a complete change of direction. So far, though, I have no clear path, so I will adhere to the helpful image of driving on a dark road on a stormy night — my headlights only illuminate a few feet in front of me, but I’m still moving along. I absolutely hate not having clear plans! But then there’s that saying about how when we make plans, God laughs. Life is sad and bumpy sometimes, but I keep feeling a strong inner knowing that I need to have faith, trust in the The Divine, and I will know my next move when I need to. Faith and trust! Ugh! So terribly uncomfortable, the not-knowing. But here I am today, on a lovely October afternoon on the water, listening to Vern swearing next door as he fixes the floats on a houseboat (must not be going well), and dreamily remembering a very special Northern Harrier we banded in the Headlands yesterday. A ridiculous amount of bounty.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen & a smidge of pastel on paper = $90