daily painting | cranky pants boat

What a glorious afternoon on Alameda Point yesterday! There are so many interesting corners out there, where old ice cream trucks rust, ancient fire engines are retired, and boats are on trailers, including this little cutie pie. So QAC (Quarantine Art Club) members Liz and I headed back to a favorite spot to paint and draw. We set up (at safe distances) and happily sketched and splashed watercolors around. And then. A Ted Kaczynski-looking old man with a big gray beard came out of his shed near us, complaining that only people who lease a spot have rights to be there. I asked if he wanted us to leave? He muttered something unintelligible and then left in his truck, but I knew which door he’d come out of (to be clear, I’ve been out on the point a dozen or so times, and when the security person comes around, he’s fine with us being there as long as we don’t stay more than an hour or two). So, in that lovely but not-too-hot sunshine, we enjoyed our creative processes (look up Liz’s wonderful work on Instagram: zizzlah).

I finished this little painting, took some photos of it, and then had the idea of leaving it for the cranky guy, putting it in a plastic bag and attaching it to the shed door. I thought, Hell, maybe it will soften up his crusty, beat up, unhappy heart for even a minute. I wrote a note and thanked him for letting us use his space (though it wasn’t his space). And we left. After I got home, I loaded the photos on my computer, and remembered I’d written my usual description on it without realizing it might not make the man’s day: “Alameda Pt boat next to cranky old man.” Shit. Well, maybe not the greatest idea, to give it to him after all. That painting may not be long for this world. Glad I didn’t leave him my card.

7″ x 7″ watercolor, fountain pen on paper¬†¬†