daily painting | covid test view

A few weeks ago I joined the long line of cars creeping slowly into a downtown Oakland Kaiser parking garage for my Covid test. Across the street was this old brick building, all boarded up, which had interesting colors and shapes. I wonder what it had been used for originally? Guessing it was at least a half century old and likely older. I snapped its pic and painted this yesterday in my kitchen. Happily my health is good, the test was negative, I’m careful with masks and staying home except when helping with Uncle Fuzzy (I all but put on a hazmat suit to get my mail) and I try not to lose my temper when people I see out and about don’t wear masks and seem careless. I don’t understand — how could this pandemic be more serious? Especially here in the US? Aarrgh. Have to temper my old lady rage. (One great thing about getting older — you can be cranky and no one cares.)

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90