daily painting | coop

Ah, this was a moment! We banded this stunning female adult Cooper’s hawk last month in the Marin Headlands (see ggro.org) and she was fierce and magnificent. Fellow bander Ryan sent me the photo of her, and from that I painted this watercolor. To be a citizen scientist and have the exquisite experience of encountering these birds of prey up close and personal is breathtaking, awe-inspiring and spiritual. I treasure this privilege and know how fortunate I am. Cooper’s hawks are particularly fierce, fearless and focused hunters. After the band is in place, and various data collected (such as wing length), one’s fingers might be a bit chewed on, if not “footed” (girls like these will at lightning speed insert their talons into your hands if given a chance). No one complains (we do not use leather gloves).

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90