daily painting | coarse texture

My abstract paintings contain waves of feelings and emotions. “Go deep,” my teacher, Leigh Hyams, used to encourage her students. This started as an older piece from years ago, pulled out of the closet and reworked. I am grateful to this canvas for containing grief, hope, loss, sadness, heartache, faith, gratitude. Kind of a stew of things for the end of 2019. Sometimes I look at a completed painting the next day (or the next week or month) and think, “Ugh. What the hell? This sucks. Who the eff do I think I am?” But I console myself that the paintings are from a true part of myself. This one had this bit of blue on the bottom which felt like a glimpse into clear, gorgeous, turquoise waters. But the canvas itself is rough and textured and bumpy, which more or less describes 2019. I’m not crazy about these colors. But it’s what the painting asked for.

45″ x 35″ acrylic, oil pastel, pencil on unstretched canvas = $2050