daily painting | class demo

Egads this one was a process. I videotaped this demo as I created it, step-by-step, for the watercolor/ink class this coming Saturday (check out Frank Bette website for sign up info for this mixed media class: www.frankbettecenter.org/watercolor-and-ink.html) and the more I got into it, the wilder I got — with each step I threw out more rules. Working from a photo, I started with a pencil drawing. Then watercolor. Then sticks-and-ink. Then more ink. Then more aggressive ink spatters. Then acrylic paint spatters. Finally I worked into it with acrylic pens. With each stage I expressed stronger and stronger emotions, and when I was done I practically needed a cigarette. A catharsis, a release, an expression of intense feelings I am still working through from this past month. Phoo. I truly am happy to be a painter. Terrific therapy.

8″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $100