daily painting | chaos theory

A few weeks ago, I pulled an acrylic painting off my living room wall that was calling out for attention. It was about 8 years old, and since I’m on this tear to take older paintings and update them, I’ve been adding paint layers to this one in my studio. I’m revisiting past paintings because I am no longer satisfied with them, it’s economical, and it’s in keeping with my new hell-bent inclination to paint more abstracts in my studio even if no one ever sees them (well, you are seeing this one!). The underlying, older painting here was quieter and more sedate. This one decidedly is not. I will update this post in a day or two when I get back to the studio to measure it (it’s approx 3.5′ x 3′); had some rather hilarious car breakdowns lately (things are now improved in that dept). Working on this one has been cathartic as I adjust how I approach my life as an artist in this new decade. My spiritual life is evolving into something more colorful and vibrant. Don’t ask me to explain — can’t. Very personal and mostly inexplicable. But an increasingly integral part of my life and my artwork.

39″ x 46″ acrylic, oil pastel, pencil on stretched canvas = $2485