daily painting | camellias

True confessions — I reached over therapist Lucy’s fence and plucked a few flowers. Thievery or an appreciation of bounty and beauty? I think the latter (and the bush was huge and lush and abundant). And my god I am becoming my mother, collecting flowers and bits of mossy rocks and souvenirs from hikes (and neighborhood yards). It was such a pleasure to paint these today after three previous disappointing attempts at a rose (oh dear; yes, also swiped from the garden here along the marina walkway; I’m a klepto, I guess, when it comes to lovely blossoms). The glossy dark green leaves are especially beautiful, for this kind of flower. They even look a bit fake in their rich color and sheen. It cracks me up how sometimes these last-minute painting sessions, shoehorned into my afternoon amidst chores, sometimes yield happy results. Over and out; more housekeeping tasks await.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90