daily painting | calla lily

I am so madly in love with calla lilies. Alongside an unused WWII military barracks building at Ft Cronkhite, a big display of these lush blooms was growing so I stopped and surreptitiously swiped a few. I know, taking flowers from parks and all that, very illegal, but these were off the beaten path and unappreciated and desperate for my admiration. My way of living dangerously I guess (pretty damn tame though; shoplifting at age 13 was riskier). I did a few watercolors of what I brought home, and this was the last one (with a few dabs of pastels). I’m not sure why these appeal so much — perhaps the sexual shape of the yellow spadix (I looked it up!), or the sensual, feminine shape overall. Maybe a love of Georgia O’Keefe’s female-parts paintings that are blush-worthy. The whiteness of the curving petals, the plain, sturdy yellow-green stem, the utter, brilliant simplicity of the design leave me enthralled. Part of it may be that my mom was so dismissive of them (“They grow like weeds”) which made me cling to my secret admiration of their beauty. Unspeakably lovely and robust.

5.5″ x 8.5″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper = $60