daily painting | calla 2.0

I’m afraid I can’t keep my thieving hands off these gorgeous flowers; again raided a neglected calla lily bush tucked in a hidden corner at Ft Cronkhite next to an unused building. And yet! This arrangement on my coffee table was perched next to my favorite new drawing tool, a fountain pen with permanent ink, loaned to me by a friend, and I needed to draw my favorite flower again. It’s lovely experimenting with thick and thin lines and loose scratches and then adding watercolor. A Memorial Weekend creative endeavor, and also a celebration of teaching a watercolor workshop at Frank Bette Center in Alameda. What lovely, open-minded and big-hearted students! More classes will be offered; I’ll keep my website updated with info (keep an eye on the “about” button). I brought this flower arrangement for students to paint and all results were spectacular.

5.5″ x 7.25″ watercolor, pen on paper = $50