daily painting | cactus flower

I spied this blooming cactus behind our marina laundry room. Lai, one of the owners of the marina, is a gifted gardener and all kinds of things are growing in the corner back there including many varieties of orchids which she carefully tends (they seem to like a particular radio station she plays for them). Today my oldest grandchild turns 25, a dear bander friend is in the hospital with lung cancer that recently recurred, my sister’s cancer is being ugly and ill-mannered again, and I am lucky enough to spend time with a beloved friend visiting from Washington. Life — its usual mix of grief, connection, love, loss, death and birth. All of it miraculous, don’t you think? Even in the midst of all our current Armageddon-flavored crises? (I heard one person say he was just waiting for the meteor.)

Odd for me not to post at all last week (and I usually don’t post on weekends); was preoccupied with assisting my friend. Not doing a whole lot, really; helping a bit around the house. “Uncle Fuzzy” is a legend in our GGRO banding community, and we fellow banders love his crotchety old self dearly and hope he recovers to band another red-shouldered hawk and admire its magnificence.

10″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $100