daily painting | bouncy house

These colors and shapes felt to me like a kids’ party. Loud reds and movement and a bit of chaos, but not in a bad way. Took an older painting to rework it (it’s my thing, these days) last weekend before heading up here to the wet Northwest which pretty much is a refreshing change from dry California heat. Not a lot of flowers to paint, as I roam around this damp Seattle neighborhood (slipping on the wet sidewalks!). November is fully here. So very grateful for time with my sister and her fam. We gather at the table and check election numbers and pour another glass of wine.

But about the painting — It’s REALLY fun to take an older work and slap new paint on it and create a fresh composition. The pressure is off, as there’s something about an un-blank canvas to rework that is freeing. OK sports fan and fellow political junkies. Let’s all keep breathing.

16″ x 12″ acrylic, oil pastel on canvasboard = $250